My Gracious Bride
Getting in some practice

Above all, I’d like to thank my wife Diane for providing the opportunity to suspend my job search and pursue this bucket list endeavor. It was on the way home from viewing “A Walk In The Woods” when she initially suggested the hike. And, as the story goes, she added philosophically, “because you know, the window on your ability to actually finish is closing!”

My kids, Christopher, Danielle and Jennifer have been amazingly supportive as well. I sincerely hope they have the opportunity to join me on a section hike along the way.

Having been inspired by the Polish alpinists of the 1970’s, it was my brother Lou who first invited me into the woods. Thank you Lou. We’ve had some good times together and I hope you can also join me along the trail!

I can’t say enough about the about the folks at  Ramsey2015With first hand experience, their willingness to answer all my questions (regardless of how mundane) and suggest alternatives in equipment and strategy is truly appreciated. Not just in hiking and camping, but in all outdoor related activities, they have the knowledge and experience to make a difference. I highly recommend and encourage you to support Ramsey Outdoor.

To all my friends, neighbors and business acquaintances who, when learning of my plans asked incredulously, why I was still searching for a job. The words of encouragement have been motivating. From individuals offering birthday wishes of “Take care … no take some risks” (Mike Chisholm), to others looking to join me on a section hike (Bill Zarakas), to those with a proposal to join me on the summit of Katahdin (Chris Lee, Bill Zarakas), I hope to make it that far and justify the support, faith and friendship that has been extended to me!

Lastly, to all those who have come before me with the same goal of hiking the AT. Many have shared their experiences and provided answers and feedback on the various websites to the questions I and others have posed. Everyone seems genuinely interested in helping others, and through my experiences I hope to learn and be in a position to positively contribute to the hiker community.