I’ve been unemployed for nearly two years. Come March 2016 it will be two years. Fully understanding the need to be viewed as current, I’ve remained “active,” volunteering at PSGCNJ, talking classes at the local community college and learning new tools like WordPress, which allowed me to create this website. As an aside, my field is software development and you can read more about the professional me here.

During the past two years I’ve spoken with hundreds of people and applied for hundreds of jobs. I’ve even managed a number of face-Networkingto-face interviews. However, after all this time, it’s become painfully obvious that my job prospects are not very strong. Over-qualified has been a consistent refrain as companies pass on my candidacy. I can’t help but wonder if age discrimination is at play. I also wonder how much talent today’s companies are leaving on the sidelines, driven primarily by lower costs rather than value. Another one of life’s mysteries I guess.

For those of you that have been unemployed, you know that being in transition can be a very challenging time. It erodes your self-esteem Employment Imageand emotional well-being. So, I decided enough was enough. I’m
taking a break from my job search. With the blessing of my wife and family I will be heading out on the Appalachian Trail. For me, it’s now or never, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

Who know what insights the AT holds? Although filled with a combination of sheer dread and excitement, I look forward to what experiences and changes await.