Ivan just chillin’

So, we have a garden gnome, his name is Ivan. When Ivan first got word that I was thinking about a hike on the Appalachian Trail he got very excited. Just like me, hiking the AT is on Ivan’s bucket list.

And then I weighted Ivan. Ugh! Even if Ivan went on a crash diet there was no way I was going to carry Ivan on my back for nearly 2200 miles. Sadly, Ivan will have to stay home.

However, traditionally one takes a trail name when they are hiking the AT. As you might have guessed, my trail name is Ivan. Some, but not much consolation for Ivan.

Ivan Keychain
The much lighter surrogate Ivan

To his credit, Ivan (the gnome) is always in the “Kodak moment.” He spruces up nearly every picture he’s in. And, he’s been in quite a few. To keep the tradition intact, as a gift at Christmas, I received an Ivan surrogate. Way lighter, I hope the surrogate adds as much value as I chronicle my trip through photos and the written word!