Trail Highlights

The last two days presented some great photo opportunities. Yesterday was Dragons Tooth and today was McAfee Knob.

Dragons Tooth is this neat monolith. It was also visible from where I spent the night at Four Pines Hostel. Pretty cool. The other neat part about Dragons Tooth was the descent that required some rocky scrambling. There were a number of metal foot/handholds.

A little different which made for a very good day!
Today I hiked past McAfee Knob, a rock outcropping providing views to an expansive valley and surrounding ridge lines. McAfee Knob is allegedly is the most photographed spot on the AT (a short hike from a parking lot). Needless to say I took a few obligatory pictures. I tried to capture both the ledge and the valley below.

Also contributing to the good days have been the weather. Sunny and warm. A bit hot on the climbs but certainly better footing than when it’s raining and wet!
Tomorrow I hit Daleville where I will resupply which includes a shower and laundry. Trust me, you get dirty and stinky very quickly on the trail. Given its the same with everyone you’re hiking with, you only get the odd looks when you encounter a non-hiker. Sent from my iPhone

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