The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

First, my apologies to Clint for usurping one of his movie titles. Second, if you think the titles for my posts are silly, I’ll take all the help you’re able to offer!
Here’s a view from the mountain top I was on early in the day on Wednesday. It’s Cole Mountain.

I had a short hike to my resupply so I could enjoy the views. And, although a bit windy and chilly, it was a great morning. The top was a bald and afforded 360 degree views. If you look to the left of the shrubbery (yes a shrubbery) that is almost in the middle of the picture, you can see the trail winding its way up the slope. Sometimes you get a view like this with a line of hikers. It’s pretty cool actually.
I’ve written about privies previously (Inadequate Infrastructure). I’ve since learned that new dangers sometimes lurk within the dark and dank confines of a privy. Given the natural attraction of flies to privies this “guy” picked the perfect spot to set up shop.

That’s a double rough cut 2×4, that’s a big spider. Sometimes it just makes sense to leave well enough alone and dig a hole in the woods. I didn’t want or need to think about “and along came a spider…”

Shocking I know (well, we are up to ugly). I can’t quite figure it out, but I continue to have problems with my right foot. In reality, the picture looks a little worse that what (I hope) is going on, but a concern nonetheless.
Picked up a pair of Patagonia baggy shorts today to hike in. I have been hiking in Marmot convertible pants (the shorts only). Given the rising temperatures, my new plan is to hike in the new shorts, and when I arrive in camp, change into full length pants (and dry underwear) as the bugs are also becoming a nuisance. Leg welts, as a result of bites are becoming very fashionable these days, although this far (thankfully) others appear to be tastier than I do.
I should hit Shenandoah in a few days. Everyone talks about the berry milkshakes at the numerous concession stands. Hmmm, calories, can’t wait! Sent from my iPhone

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