A Few Days

Here’s a picture if a snake I walked past, literally.

I was scanning the trail ahead of me and noticed a chipmunk coming down a fallen tree on my right. So my gaze shifted to him, as he saw me he ran back up the log he had come down. Subconsciously a voice in my head goes “dude, you just walked past a snake.” Whoa, yes I did. Fortunately the snake remained calm and posed for pictures. In all seriousness, it did not move as four of us walked by. He was probably was pissed at me as I imagine that chipmunk may have been breakfast. Needless to say, that chipmunk owes me. I felt kinda fortunate so I bought a lottery ticket when I rolled into Daleville later that day!
Resupplied in Daleville at Kroger’s. The regular stables: oatmeal, tuna fish and some freeze dried meals. To change things up a bit, I did try tortillas with peanut butter which has worked out well!
Yesterday I had to put in a 22 mile day to walk through a section of trail where a shelter and campsites were closed due to bear activity. Got to talk to a ranger who said that a bear had to be euthanized because it was becoming too aggressive (trying to get to food bags, etc.). That makes me both sad and mad because it is a problem started by careless, stupid people on the trail (leaving garbage and dumping food in the fire pits). Leave No Trace exists for a reason people. Take pictures, leave footprints! Crossed the James River today on the longest footbridge on the AT.

On the right hand side you can see the river running brown from the 5 inches of rain that fell two nights before. Fortunately I was hunkered down in Bryant Ridge shelter a veritable Taj Mahal in terms of shelters. Sleeps 20, multiple levels, really nice. The thunderstorm at 3am was spectacular which hopefully cleared the weather for the next days!

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