A Day In The Life…

You have lots of time to think out here. A typical day might go something like this…
– Why do the birds have to start chirping so early? Don’t they appreciate a good nights’ sleep? Maybe they’re just happy to be alive another day. Actually, so am I!
– Man this oatmeal mix (oatmeal, brownie mix, toddler milk formula and blueberries) is sooo good. I’m very grateful that Diane mixes it up and sends it to me.
– Let me check out what the day holds. Oy, a legitimate Tour de France climb. 4.5 miles with an average grade of 10%. Have to remember to set the altimeter on my watch so I can break the climb down into segments.
– What was the name of my second grade teacher? Sister, Sister? Forget it. All I remember from second grade is praying when we got the news that President Kennedy had been shot.
– Don’t look at your watch yet. Ken, if you look this soon you’ll only get depressed. (As you might imagine, when you’re feeling good, time passes quickly. When you’re not feeling so good, time crawls.) – Just ran out of water. Good thing there’s a water source coming up.

– If two trains leave leave the station 20 minutes apart and one is traveling, never mind, too little oxygen to think about this right now.
– Time to cruise, the trail is cooperating. Move fast when you can, slow when you have to!

– Wow, that’s a pretty tree. I wonder if that’s a mountain laurel?

– If there were not hikers out here, would the bugs have anything to eat?
– There are approximately 80,000 blazes on the AT. If that’s true there must be a million millipedes. They’re everywhere.

– Whoa, snake. Never mind, just a devious branch. Take it easy Ken.
– That’s neat, I wonder what that was a part of. I’ll have to remember to look that up!

– The estimate is that you take 5 million steps on a thru hike. That works out to about 35,000 steps per day. That’s a lot of steps where something can go wrong. Ken don’t jinx yourself, think of something else.
– Man, from straight to crooked, dead to alive there sure are a lot of trees out here.

– Oh wow, one of those orange things again. I think it’s a newt. Dude get off the trail for your own good.

– Argh! I knew the good trail couldn’t last. I really (really) dislike the rocky portions of the trail.

– I know that I was starting to shrink already. I wonder if carrying this weight for an extended period of time is going to exacerbate the decline? Man will I have to adjust the seat height on my bicycles?
– Need more water. Source is not that great. Thank goodness I carry s “dipper.” (I filter all my water. Depending on temps and terrain, I’ll consume between 6 and 10 liters per day.)

– Not going to make it to the next shelter. Time to find an acceptable campsite.

– Wow, what a great way to cap off the day!

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