What and Why?

One of the things that always amazes me about hiking, not just here on the AT but anytime I’m out in the woods are the “relics” you encounter, be it stone walls, over grown roads or old foundations. What were they used for why were they built and by whom? I passed two such relics in the middle of the week.
The first, in the middle of nowhere was a 12 to 15 foot cement dam behind which was a beautiful pond. Salamanders, check. Fish, check (wish I had a pole). Frogs, check. There was no sign of a spillway which would indicate the use of water power. Someone’s private fishing hole? Part of a long gone country estate? If nothing else it thankfully gives me something to think about over the next few miles.
Another point of interest was a grave from the civil war. A 13 year old Union soldier killed by Confederate forces. Yes, 1850 – 1863. It’s almost unimaginable. An unfortunate but important part of our history. Again, things to ponder to help the miles pass.
To contrast the last paragraph here’s a newt a saw that helped to brighten the day!

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