Today’s Analogy

Before I delve into today’s analogy, I want to mention two things.
First, for my friends in New Jersey, a few days ago I saw my first deer on the trail. A day later I saw another one. Hundreds of miles and two deer. Incredulous right? I see more deer than that every time I pull out of my driveway! As I’m fond of telling people here on the trail, New Jersey is nature gone wild. Bears, snakes, deer we’ve got it all!
Today I completed back to back 20 mile days (20 yesterday and 23 today to be exact). It’s something I wanted to attempt and today the weather, trail profile and footing (read no rocks) were all ideal so I made the push. Yeah!
Today’s analogy is rush hour traffic (work with me here). When the traffic slows done, you start assessing which lane is moving the fastest. You switch lanes only to determine that the lane you just exited is now zooming along. Maybe you switch back over, maybe you stay put. Most of the time the trail is single lane as you can see in this photo

Not too much to concern yourself with when this is the situation. However, sometimes the trail is a little wider as you can see in this picture

In situations when the trail is wider, especially if there is mud or rocks involved, you’re always searching for the best line or the fastest lane. Uh, over there looks pretty good, let me give it try. Hmmm, actually the other side looks better after all, let me go back over there!
I don’t know about rush hour, but I have learned up or down, left or right the trail always wins! Sent From my iPhone

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