Three Parts

For those of you who are friends with me on FB, you’ll know that I’ve returned to the trail. For those that are not friends with me on FB, I’ve returned to the trail! Part One – Carpenter or Magician?
My orthopedist describes himself as a carpenter. He cuts things up and puts them back together. I think he’s more of a magician. He made my two shoulders work again and he resembled my son’s elbow when he got t-boned in a cycling accident. I went to see him about my balky knee. With a shot of cortisone, some good anti-inflammatories and the promise that I won’t be incurring any long-term damage, the decision to return was an easy one (define easy?). So the adventure continues. Part Two – Quick Changes
A number of people were asking about these sorts of things so here goes. Before I left (the first time) I took a number of body measurements. Weight, arm, thigh, waist, chest and hip measurements. After nearly three weeks of hiking I had lost 9 pounds, arms, chest and thighs were 1/2 inch smaller, waist was 1 1/2 smaller ( I needed new pants) and hips across the bottom was about the same. Oh, and my beard started to come in although the folks I was hiking with though it was coming in too slowly

Part Three – The New Plan
Rather than pick up where I left off, I skipped ahead to approximately where I would have been. I did this primarily because if the hiking gods (which of course includes the blister gods, the gastro gods and everyone else) look favorably upon my efforts and I do make it to Maine, I would prefer to hike Katahdin in mid-September or earlier, rather than early October. If all that happens, I will gladly return to this part of the world and hike the section I missed.

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