The Three R’s

As you know, in educational parlance the three R’s stand for reading, writing and arithmetic. From the hiking perspective its roots, rocks and rain.
Taken individually or even two out of three, the three R’s are not so bad. However, put all three together and it makes for a miserable day.
Such was the case the other day, all three conspiring to suck the joy out of the daily trek. Normally there’s a certain vigilance associated with every step you take, which is only heightened when you add moisture to rocks and roots. Each step can be its own adventure. A twist here, a slip there with a yikes thrown in for good measure.
Here’s what hiking in the rain looks like. Trust me it’s not as mystical as it appears.

Together with the elements and the terrain, myself and a few other hikers began to wonder who had propagated the myth that the trail gets easier in Virginia. The day was well on its way to being the most unpleasant day thus far. Then the rain cleared and the ponies appeared.

For those of you that play golf, imagine you’re having a horrible round, one of your worst ever. On the 18th hole you hit a decent tee shot, but your second shot is brilliant, leaving you three feet for a birdie putt that you make. You leave the course thinking, not a bad day after all!
That’s what the ponies did for my day. I heard about them, I read about them and here they were, the ponies of the Virginia Highlands. Not a bad day after all! Sent from my iPhone

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