Slow Motion

Many years ago my brother and I raced in the General Clinton Canoe Regatta. It’s a 70 mile race from Cooperstown to Bainbridge, NY. The event commemorates General Clinton, who in the Revolutionary War, when surrounded by the British, dammed up Otsego Lake, put his troops on rafts, and under the cover of darkness broke the dam and floated through enemy lines. Brilliant!
The race is on the Susquehanna River which from its source at Otsego Lake is quite narrow and twisty, not unlike the AT. Another similarity, due specifically to that twisty aspect, is how activity appears at times to be in slow motion.
On the trail (or in the canoe) you’ll see another hiker and then there will be a switch back, or a twist in the trail and they’re gone. You might see them again in a minute or you might not see them again the rest of the day. Or, you’ll pass them when they stop for a snack or lunch and they’ll do the same when you stop. At times you can feel completely alone, when in the reality there’s likely to be a handful of hikers within a mike or two of each other.
Oh, and after 70 miles, at times the time difference in the regatta between the first and second place boats has been just a few seconds. Unbelievable.

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