For those of you familiar with me and the Binghamton, NY area in the late 1970s and early 1980s you know why I stopped at this shelter.

The money earned at the Roaring Fork restaurant helped put me through graduate school (think beers, my first motorcycle etc). Good memories then, new memories now!
To arrive here I left Standing Bear Farm hostel at just around 8:15. Hit the first shelter at just after 11am so made the decision to push through to Roaring Fork. It was worth it. More trail magic just prior to Max Patch and the vistas from Max Patch were unbelievable. As another hiker said, it was like the mountain scenes from The Sound of Music, sans singing of course. Seriously not enough wows to describe the views.
With 15 in the books the first day back, I’m pleased. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I have to say, the profile and tread way of the trail seemed different, easier today. People have said that Georgia/North Carolina and New Hampshire/Maine are the hardest. Wouldn’t that be nice! Sent from my iPhone

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