First Week Back

On Friday morning I cruised the 7 miles from No Business Shelter into Uncle Johnnys hostel just outside of Erwin, TN. For me it was a good week back. Five 15 mile days, the one 20 over Bald Mountain and the 7 into Erwin (102). I think your confidence grows a bit with every hurdle you overcome. I can hike in snow. I can do a 20. All which will hopefully help me when things get tough at some point in the future.
Uncle Johnnys was great. Got there in time to catch the lunch shuttle, all you can eat pizza and salad bar for $7. With all the hikers I can’t understand how that place stays in business.
The dinner shuttle presented the choice of Italian or Mexican, after lunch I picked Mexican. Got laundry done and a shower in. It’s amazing how good a shower can make you feel!
Next significant points of interest are Roan Mountain at over 6000′ and then after that (still a week away) Damascus, VA and the promise of straighter less strenuous trails! Think more miles.
Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all who fit that profile. And Happy Birthday to my grandchildren Amy and Nate. Sorry I could not attend your party today. I hope you understand.

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