Bald Mountain

The weather report called for a mix of rain and snow, temps in the mid 30s, with wind gusts 40 to 50mph. The day’s journey would take us over Bald Mountain at just over 5000′. I was hoping to cap a good week with a 20 mile day.
The talk in the shelter that morning centered not only on what to wear, but as importantly, what you had that was dry and what your bailout plan was as conditions definitely presented the threat of hypothermia.
Odd as it may sound, the weather cooperated. No rain to begin, snow and freezing rain, which effectively bounced off raincoat and pants.
From afar you could catch glimpses of a snow covered peak, Bald. Once on top it was incredible. Mostly bare (thus bald) the few sparse trees were frosted with a combination of ice and snow. Although overcast and gray they had a brilliance to them that is tough to describe and not revealed in this picture. It was incredible.

As predicted the wind was howling and I was blown off course once or twice. Having left my gloves home over my short hiatus, I thankfully found a pair in a hiker box at a hostel prior to the climb. Whew!
At about 15 miles there was Trail Magic. Sugary, junky fruit pies never tasted so good! The sun that shown briefly was replaced with rain but the remainder of the hike in to No Business Shelter was uneventful. A good day for sure. Here’s another cool picture, compliments of the snow.

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