A 6000 Footer

Given I missed all the 6000 foot mountains in the Smokies, I was pleased to see the profile for today, Roan Mountain at 6190. Given I had hiked 22 yesterday, I was a bit apprehensive but would cap today’s mileage at 15.
Fortunately the climb was gradual and in the end enjoyable. Just off the summit was the highest shelter on the trail. It resembled a small cabin versus the typical open ended shelter.

The descent from Roan led to Carver Gap, and then a climb to Jane Bald. The series of balds that Jane Bald is a part of is allegedly the most expansive series of balds in the world. True or not, the views were spectacular!
I also meet my first southbounder today. He started last July and after watching the snow melt is now a few hundred miles from completing his hike. Kudos to him.
Spending the night at Over Mountain Shelter (named after the Over Mountain men from the revolutionary war). The shelter is a converted barn that looks out over a valley. The setting is great, supposedly the sunrises are better. In a few hours a will find out.

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