Zero Day

After spending the night (4/13) at Rock Gap Shelter we descended to Winding Stair Gap. The destination was Franklin, NC. Adele (Purple Heart) was nice enough to have her brother pick us up and drive us into Franklin, for our first true zero day (the following day). Franklin has a few outfitters one of which has a pub inside. Nice! That’s me with Alan (The Kid).

We enjoyed the day off. When we were leaving The Sapphire Inn, 6 police cruisers rolled into the parking lot. Apparently hikers were sharing a room and one accused the other of stealing something. One cruiser. was a canine unit. The dog went crazy immediately upon entering the room. Opps! Multiple people escorted to police cars in handcuffs.
Conversely, I’m so happy with the people I’ve been hiking with. If you have a chance take a look This is the site of Adele (Purple Heart). Just like all of us, there’s a reason for being here, hers is just way more noble than most. Help out if you can. Thanks.

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