Triglycerides (and Insecurities) Be Damned

On Saturday April 2, after a brief delay (postponement?) I will be flying to Atlanta to commence my thru hike attempt. I’ll leave Monday morning April 4th on the approach trail to Springer Mt. Picking up where my last post left off, I’ve spent time revamping my trail diet, removing primarily the sugar intake. If you’re into current nutrition trends, I’d label my diet as neo-paleo. I’m hoping the continuous burn of calories (at a minimum 4,000 per day) makes the fat intake a non-issue. And hopefully, the recent medical results a non-issue as well. That’s certainly what the neo-paleo folks promise. Although this could change at any point on the trail, I feel like I’ve got my food dialed in: approximately two pounds per day delivering those needed 4k calories. I’ve got a few mail drops ready to go as well!

The delay and hopefully warmer temps has also allowed me to remove an item or two from my gear list (sleeping bag liner for one), lightening the load a bit!

And, as important, the new battery is installed in the lawn tractor, providing endless joy to my primary supply resource, my wife Diane. No seriously, she loves zipping around on the tractor. Weed (hey, not that weed) sticking out the side of her mouth, straw hat. You get the picture. Well, maybe not the straw hat but certainly the weed.

So, in the immortal words of my good friend Andy (friend only via too much time spent in front of the TV) “get busy living or get busy dying.”

Wishing everyone a great spring and summer.

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