Trail Magic

Spent Friday night at Blue Mountain Shelter. I awoke to a cold and windy morning. It was 34 in my tent, so I imagine a bit colder outside. I wish I had one of those wind chill charts handy, although it would have been tough to hold, because the fingers weren’t working too well. Regardless, I hit the trail because, well there’s really nothing else to do but hit the trail!
Descending into Indian Grave Gap ( for those keeping score at home) there was a group of people. Some hikers, some not hikers!

As I approached, someone asked me if I wanted a barbecue sandwich. Wow, trail magic! When they anticipate the hiker rates picking up, these good folks set up camp and offer food and drink to thru hikers. I obviously had the good fortune to pass by on Saturday. An unbelievable gesture for which I am thankful.
Still hiking with the three people I hooked up with the first day on the AT ( not the Approach Trail); Ben, Alan, and Adele.
After a sandwich, some fruit and chips we headed to Addis Gap to spend the night.

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