Thoughts From The Trail

The picture below shows one part of the climb featured in the second half of the day. Actually an easy part of the climb!

Started the day at just over 4000′, dropped to 1700′ in 6 miles and then climbed to nearly 4400′ in 7 miles. Don’t bridges exist in this part of the world?
The low elevation point today was NOC, an outdoor center with kayaking and white water rafting. I had lunch there and picked up a few supplies in a mail drop. Spending the night at Sassafras Gap, in the tent again.
As I was hiking today I wondered if a robot could ever hike the AT. From pole plants to foot placement, there’s a lot going on with every step you take. Not to mention having to keep those batteries charged!
I also wondered (anything to take the mind off the climb) why some bugs seem to be in such a hurry as they scurry down the trail, while others don’t seem to have a care in the world. Did they win the equivalent of the bug lottery?
Two more days to Fontana Dam, gateway to the Smokies! I finally will be hiking in the mountains I named my second dog after! Sent from my iPhone

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