Inadequate Infrastructure

This post is rated R for rude.
This is a picture of a privy. Thus far, there has been a privy at every shelter visited.

I’m sure you can figure out what’s its purpose is. To be more accurate, most of the privys encountered thus far are moldering privys meaning natural decomposition occurs with the help of some dry leaves or wood chips. It’s not as bad as it sounds, except …
Looking at the registration rates for thru hikers, I started hiking at the back end of the “bubble.” Many more people have come before me with not quite as many beginning after me. Certainly many more people are hiking today, way more than originally envisioned by trail planners and those who built the privys.
So I’ve now learned that when you visit a privy its with some trepidation you lift the lid. There have been times when full to the brim takes on a completely new meaning. In fact we’ve coined the phrase “hover” to describe this very situation. Apparently decomposition can’t quite keep up with current hiker rates! Sent from my iPhone

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