As Promised

Headed to the southern terminus of the AT via the Approach Trail. Left at 8am but noticed my whistle was missing. Did a u-turn and found it on the road outside the lodge (whew). A minor half hour lost. The folks at Ramsey cautioned me about the Approach Trail. They speak the truth, it was annoying. Arrived at Springer, the real start at about 12:15. Took a picture or two

and pushed through to Stover Creek Shelter. Meet lots of people on the trail. Froggy Pete a self proclaimed AT obsessive has done a through hike or two, some sections and at 74 was back on the trail. I would meet someone older at the shelter (80).
I learned an important lesson having spent the night in the shelter. Don’t be the first on the outside. You block the wind for everyone else and freeze in the process. Ugh!
Meet a few other good folks during the day that I hope to hike with in the coming days. Sent from my iPhone

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