The Boardwalk

As my plans took shape, I realized I should get a better idea about what I was getting myself into. So naturally, I found the flattest, simplest section of the AT I could find, the Pochuck Boardwalk segment in Sussex County, NJ.

Diane and I headed up there on December 13 on what turned out to be one of those ridiculously warm days we’ve been experiencing. The boardwalk is spectacular. It is about one mile in length and winds through fields and marshland. Associated with the boardwalk is a 110 foot suspension bridge. I went so far as to post on FaceBook that the Pochuck Boardwalk is the nicest boardwalk in New Jersey. And, it doesn’t even have skee ball! Of course, some of my friends in south Jersey begged to differ. They simply don’t know what they’re missing.

Pochuck BoardwalkPochuck Suspension Bridge

We hiked for about eight miles that day. It was great. I got to trial a few pieces of equipment so very good from that perspective. Given the ideal conditions, we saw lots of other people out enjoying the sites. I have to say though, the amount of garbage we saw on that particular section of the trail was depressing. Come on people, it’s pretty simple really, clean up after your dog and pick up your trash!

If all goes well, I should be back in the area at the end of July. I can imagine with different colors and vegetation growth it will look completely different. I can’t wait!

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