After returning from a weekend with the grandkids (The ATC post) and being sneezed on the entire time, I got sick. And I’ve stayed sick for the past three + weeks. Okay, maybe not entirely the fault of the grandkids, but certainly a contributing factor. From sniffles, to laryngitis, to a full blown sinus infection, every time I thought I was getting better, it was a hoax.

Stella, the latest Lipnickey canine.

One practice hike I took early on when this annoyance was just getting started probably didn’t help. I loaded up with nearly a full pack (everything excepting toiletries) and went out for 10 miles. Although the terrain was mostly flat, the footing wasn’t. With my pack weight at 31 pounds, I was pleased at my 3 mile per hour pace. And, Stella my trusty companion met a horse for the first time along the way. Bonus! The euphoria ended quickly as the next day I hit a wall.

I finally went to the doctor and am now on antibiotics. I lost three weeks of prep and conditioning. Hoping the antibiotics kick in quickly and I can get some miles in before it’s time to leave. I haven’t been this sick in years. Figures. If I don’t get well soon, the trip could be jeopardy. If the site disappears, you’ll know the outcome!

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